Mary Lou Mullan

We are so happy to announce that Mary Lou Mullan, an Impressionist painter from Vero Beach, is now exhibiting her paintings at One Zen Place Fine Art Gallery.  Take a look at her artwork in the video above and visit us at the gallery to see how truly magnificent her work is in person.

Winter 2019-2020


We’re Growing

We have expanded One Zen Place Art & Music Studios and added an Art & Music library.  We have also developed an online sector and will launch to the public very soon. We will be announcing many new developments and events this season—stay tuned.


Prehistoric Firelight

c. 17,000 B.C.E.


The Galloping Mare from the Cave of Lascaux

If you'd like to experience the firelight animation of prehistoric art, give us a call and we'll arrange a time for you to view the phenomenal effect of movement that flickering light produces.  Whether you are an individual or a group of less than 25, we can arrange a private firelight viewing in our One Zen Place studios. Art historian Amy Dyson will overview Upper Paleolithic art and answer any questions that you may have. Prehistoric facsimiles are available for sale in the One Zen Place Art Gallery.


One Zen Place offers the opportunity
to not merely hear;  but to listen…
not just to look;  but to see…
not just to think;  but to experience…

Focusing on the present moment,
One Zen Place provides an optimal setting to
enjoy art and music to the fullest extent.


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