The Vision

Giving Artists a
Brighter Tomorrow

Artists have always had a difficult time promoting themselves and their work.  As an art historian and fine art gallerist, it's the main problem I hear about from artists.  Basically, artists want to know how to get their art recognized--they can't seem to get people to their website or social media and this perpetual problem just became a major issue in all artist's lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  Artist Pond is the solution.  When you see how it works—you'll be amazed because it really is the answer to what American artists have needed all along.


"Hello, my name is Amy Dyson and I founded Artist Pond, a global showcase of American Artists, and the initiative that supports the vision, "American Artists: United by Freedom of Expression".

American Artists need to assemble in one place together so that seekers of art & artists may locate you.  I have developed a way to do that on Artist Pond and formulated a method to help get American artists discovered by a global audience.  It is important to note that this initiative has no political agenda whatsoever.

In my worldwide travels as an art historian, I have found that American artists are misrepresented and that their art is being significantly overlooked.   I have taken a strong stance in support of American art my entire life, but now at 61 years old, I am standing up for all American artists and giving them an opportunity to be discovered.

There is strength in numbers.   It is important that American artists stand up and be counted, as they are the true voice of our culture.  In America, we have been granted the right to artistic freedom of expression.  Essentially, this fact makes American art some of the most genuine in the world because it has no creative limitations or restrictions.  If you are ready to be part of American art history, then join us on Artist Pond and you will definitely be recognized—we are making sure of that. "


The Mission

We Put Artists First

Our mission is to present the artists of America to a global audience.  As Artists in the United States of America, we have been granted the right to create with artistic freedom of expression. American Artists are fortunate to have the freedom to imagine, create and distribute limitless cultural expressions.

The vast diversity of American culture and the powerful influence of artistic freedom of expression is what gives American art distinction. When art has no creative limitations, it reveals a quality of excellence that is beyond compare. This fundamental freedom within American art exemplifies the essence of genuine artistic expression and creativity. Therefore, American art contains an exclusive quality that communicates a message of freedom and advances human civilization globally.

Artist Pond is a global showcase of American artists.  We offer Pro Pages to artists that allow them to distinguish themselves and emphasize their qualities.  Our custom search engine is designed to allow visitors a variety of ways to filter their search and find exactly what they are looking for within America.

Another exciting part of our mission is our unique Geographic Location Map, which allows searchers to select a state or state region to narrow their search for artists.  We urge Americans to take a cross-country trip across our great nation and take a closer look at our true culture.  American artists demonstrate to the world exactly what artistic freedom means because their art comes from genuine expression, and our mission is to promote this beautiful communication from American artists to the world.

Summer 2020


We've Expanded

We have expanded One Zen Place Art & Music Studios and added a very large Art & Music library.  We have also developed an online sector and will launch to the public very soon. We will be announcing many new developments—stay tuned.

Along with our Friday night performances of Art & Music, we have hosted many concerts and events at One Zen Place. We plan to have more events as soon as it is safe to once again present live performances to the public.  We will keep you informed when we have great musicians perform such as the American Jazz Pianist Competition winners and one of our favorites--the Awesome Ella & Emily from the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin Ireland!

Prehistoric Firelight

c. 17,000 B.C.E.


The Galloping Mare from the Cave of Lascaux

If you'd like to experience the firelight animation of prehistoric art, give us a call and we'll arrange a time for you to view the phenomenal effect of movement that flickering light produces in prehistoric art.   Whether you are an individual or a group of less than 25, we can arrange a private firelight viewing in our One Zen Place studios.  You will be amazed when you see the movement occur!   Art historian Amy Dyson will overview Upper Paleolithic art and answer any questions that you may have.  Prehistoric reproductions are available in the One Zen Place Fine Art Gallery.


One Zen Place offers the opportunity
to not merely hear;  but to listen...
not just to look;  but to see...
not just to think;  but to experience...

Focusing on the present moment,
One Zen Place provides an optimal setting to
enjoy art and music to the fullest extent.


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