Live performances by artist Amy Dyson
and pianist/composer John Ryan.
Original music and fine art merge to create a
one-of-a-kind audio and visual experience.
All performances are unique and include many
genres of music and diverse techniques in art.

One Zen Place offers the opportunity
to not merely hear, but to listen;
not just to look, but to see;
not just to think, but to experience.

Focusing on the present moment,
One Zen Place provides a serene setting to
enjoy art and music to the fullest extent.

Live Performances to be Announced
January through May 2018

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Opening February 2018

Join us for a cup of Matcha tea while enjoying the relaxing,
Zen atmosphere of our art gallery, music & art studios, and art library loft.

Hurricane Irma has delayed us, but not for long:

Opening February 2018